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EV Charging Station Markings in Dallas, TX

If your customers are going green by driving electric cars, ensuring they have adequate, comfortable space to charge up is essential. APEX Striping provides professional painting of EV charging station markings in Dallas, TX, and surrounding areas. Regardless of your commercial parking lot’s size, layout, or set-up, we’ll provide you with the proper space for parking and re-charging e-vehicles. After completing the job, your customers will know precisely where to park their vehicles and maneuver through your parking space.

EV Charging station

The Benefits of EV Charging Station Marking

If you want to offer electric car stations to your customers, you also want to ensure that they are visible and identifiable. Markings can help your customers get their car charged conveniently and avoid confusion with other drivers. EV marking does the following for parking lots:

  • Enables EV drivers to navigate your parking lot easily.
  • Displays charging stations clearly, allowing drivers to pick and park at their chosen station.
  • Provides vital information about the station, such as its parking time limits, hours of use, pricing, how to use the station, and more.

Help Customers Navigate Your EV Chargers

Our company’s services enable drivers to reach their designated parking and charging spots swiftly and efficiently. They’ll be able to locate, use, and exit your EV charging stations without hassle. Our services include:

Wayfinding Signage

Directions to the charging station, often featuring a charging symbol.

Station Signage

Information about the station, such as its charging type and directions on how to use it.

Pavement Signage

Borders and designated parking spots around the EV charger and the designated charging area.

Help Your EV Drivers Charge Up Seamlessly

With the popularity of electric cars rising, you can expect an increase in the number of customers who drive them. Having EV stations installed and marked is a terrific way to accommodate and appeal to customers who drive green. You can rely on APEX Striping to give you electric car charging stations and paint that is unmistakably visible and stylish, fitting your brand while also giving drivers practical, concise directions and information. We help business parking lots enhance the customer experience.

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