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Protective Wheel Stop Installations in Dallas, TX

Looking for additional protection and reinforcement for your parking lot? The possibility of a driver accidentally accelerating while parked on your property poses a threat to your building, or customers, with potential immediate and future consequences. APEX Striping offers wheel stop installations in Dallas, TX, and surrounding areas to proactively prevent such accidents, ensuring the safety and comfort of your commercial property.

The Benefits of a Wheel Stop Installation

Wheel stops are not always required by rules and regulations. Even so, they are a helpful safety feature for commercial lots in more ways than one. Here’s how getting wheel stops installed could protect you:

Organization and Order

Wheel stops can help create a well-ordered and structured parking layout.


Wheel guards stop vehicles from moving, improving the safety and well-being of pedestrians, drivers, property, and other vehicles.

Reduced Liability

Your guard may be able to prevent vehicle, pedestrian, and property-related accidents and collisions, saving you from liability and legal ramifications.

Empty parking with white marking line

When Should I Get My Wheel Stops Replaced?

If your wheel stop is damaged, broken, or failing to perform like it used to, we encourage you to take it seriously. You should look into getting your wheel stop replaced when:

  • It is cracked, chipped, or faded.
  • It’s sustained wear and tear from contact with tires or bumpers or being involved in vehicle accidents.
  • It is close to the end of their lifespan, or they’ve already passed it.
  • It’s disjointed or dislodged from the correct placement or area.
  • It’s no longer effective in keeping vehicles in the appropriate space.

Advanced Protection for Your Parking Lot

Installing wheel stops can ensure that vehicles stay where they’re supposed to and don’t interfere with or harm walkers, walkways, sidewalks, bike lanes, or pavement. They’ll enhance your customer and property safety and can prevent any potential accidents or disruptions. They will be strategic time and money-savers for your business, and we would love to install them for you. We’ll happily guide you through our product selection and help you choose the one that best suits your needs.

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